The secret to successful interviews are a combined approach of Preparation and Presentation. ‘Fail to prepare, prepare to fail’ and how you present yourself throughout will be crucial factors in the success of your interview. See our Fabulous 4 interview tips below;

  1. Preparation – Research the role, the organisation, and the industry, and make sure your CV and certificates are up-to-date. Having opportunity to express your knowledge and understanding will confirm not only your competence for the job, but also that you have taken extra effort to know who you may be working for, and their role within the wider industry.
  2. First impressions – Dress smart, your appearance reflects your interest in the role. As well, your body language, eye contact and facial expressions play a significant part in how you will be perceived by others. Non-verbal and verbal communication are equally as important, so get off to a good start!
  3. Unique Selling Point ‘USP’ – What are the skills and attributes that separate you from other candidates? Getting a job is now more competitive than ever. You will need to make sure you are well versed in how you can add value to an organisation with the characteristics, skillsets and experience that you posses.
  4. Questions, questions, questions – Make sure you have prepared a range of questions (approx. 3-5) to ask the panel/interviewer at the end of the interview. Here are some examples; What progression opportunities exist within your organisation? What would your current workforce say about the organisation?